food communication

Michael Bindlechner has been a director and director of photography for about 25 years. He has shot documentaries and directed a highly acclaimed and award winning feature film but most of importantly he has shot and directed innumerable TV commercials. He shot everything from cars to beauty to landscape - until he shot a margarine commercial in Sao Paolo for a Brazilian client. This commercial won him a Golden Lion in Cannes. From then on he was asked more and more to direct food commercials – and he did so gladly. Not only because he liked it, but also because he felt that he had a kind of talent for that line of work. He did this for years, just following his artistic instinct and his gut feeling. And not really knowing why his work was successful - what it was ultimately in terms of selling the products. He began to want to know more about the mechanics, the rules, of how a picture or a shot can create food appeal or even a measurable and actual mouth watering effect.

The turning point in his learning process came when he was asked to help create a new Lindt campaign. This TV ad campaign would become so tremendously successful that the client also wanted to know why it worked so well. Never before had Michael been so involved in marketing research and tests, even conducting brain current measurement analysis for each single shot. All of this came together - the scientific research as well as his artistic approach - and he learned to understand the rules to designing and lining up food shots that can quite literally trigger a mouth watering effect and have a measurable unrivaled food appeal.

Michael Bindlechner works as a food communication consultant for clients such as Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Ferrero, McDonalds and many more.

Tim Piper co-founder PIRO agency / New York:

"It was a pleasure to work with Michael Bindlechner on the Ferrero Rocher "Rolling" spot. His experience and craftsmanship in filming for appetite appeal is matched by his ability to communicate an idea in dramatic and artistic fashion. He is a passionate and warm collaborator who cares very much for quality without emotional hang ups."